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Auto-Matic Photo Manager for workshops

Thousands of photos are taken every year by workshop employees and appraisers. HALLEY SHARE is an innovative App based solution that manages, files and shares photos from various users online with instant access from every PC or smartphone. 

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Auto-Matic Photo Manager for workshops

The digital world transforms our daily habits, every day we adapt new habits that help us fit ourselves to the changing environment and utilize the advantages of the digital transformations to improve our daily habits.

Thousands of photos are taken every year by workshop employees and appraisers. These photos are stored and shared for future procedures with insurance companies and for self-usage and backup. Photo management must be executed professionally and accurately to avoid mistakes and waste of time.   

A lot of time can be saved by managing photos professionally. Looking for lost or deleted photos can be frustrating and cause expensive loses. 

There are still auto Bodyshops and appraisers that use old school cameras on their necks (we hope their neck is OK). Can you imagine how much time it takes to go to their PC, download photos, create folders, backup, delete memory cards…

Some of the “modern” users use their smartphones to take photos and share by a text massage. Actually, their smartphone’s memory is most of the time insufficient, they can hardly find their family photos, they always need to delete some photos but they don’t remember whose photo is it. As murphy’s rule always works, a week later, they need a certain photo but they cannot find it.

Creating folders takes time and imagine an appraiser the face of the appraiser that receives 400 photos a day by text massage from his clients and needs to match them to the right car. (We are not jealous)

we think you understood… There is no professional photo management in bodyshops!


What can you do with HALLEY SHARE?

With HALLEY SHARE we help bodyshops and appraisers manage their photos. HALLEY SHARE is an innovative feature based on an App installed on your smartphone. no need for special software or equipment, the service is available for IOS and Android and can be managed from every PC.

With HALLEY SHARE, every user can take photos, create folders and share in a click.

All data is available online, stored and back upped in our secured cloud service. 

All folders with all the photos from all users appear online in a privately secured photo bank. All photos and data can be edited, added and shared from every PC or smartphone.  

In order to easily match between photos and cars, every photo is automatically stamped with car ID, date and time.

So, it’s so easy and useful. HALLEY SHARE solves all problems in one product:

  • No need for a special camera – all photos are taken with the App, backed up and stored in a secured cloud
  • Photo gallery stays available for your private photos
  • Folders created automatically and stored in our secured cloud
  • All photos from all users are automatically stored in your account
  • Every photo gets a car ID, date and time automatic stamp
  • Automatic backup
  • Easy and photo share
  • Easy online access from every PC & smartphone
  • Quick and easy photo search
  • Save time 

HALLEY SHARE is easy to handle, no need for special skills.

Be professional, be the change, be a HALLEY.

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