Innovation in Bodyshop management

In today’s environment, technological tools manage our lives. We wake up in the morning by the smartphone’s alarm clock, we use an electric toothbrush and make coffee using an electric machine. Driving hybrid or electric vehicles, we use navigation systems to choose the fastest route to work. While driving, computers monitor the engine, and numerous advanced technologies provide assistance driving to enhance our safety. Upon arrival to the workshop, we use the phone to open a gate, and sometimes use it to find an empty parking spot. A rear camera and sensors assist us to park safely.

In the meantime, the phone does not stop ringing – suppliers, employees, customers and incessant questions about the work that you, as a Bodyshop manager, must professionally answer. Day by day you find that as the business grows, you need more data to manage your business professionally.

A workshop manager relies on cameras and screens to monitor what is happening in the bodyshop, even when he is not physically present on floor. Watching the screens provides a good feeling that the business is “working” and that the employees are not slacking but it does not provide information on the efficiency and actual performance of the employees.

Thousands of inventions that make it easier for us in everyday activities have turned into efficient technologies and yet the field of automotive refinish is managed out in a manual, inefficient, inaccurate and economical process. So how can it be that technology is in every area of our lives and the area of color management in the garage has not yet arrived?

HALLEY’s development team has developed a unique and first-of-its-kind technology that enables accurate measurement of paint application activity at the touch of a button and without prior knowledge!

The company sets a new standard for best practice by introducing an information system and HALLEY METER application. Haley Meter measures in seconds the exact area of the designated parts/panels of the vehicle and recommends exact amounts of paint and varnish needed for each job. The system utilizes machine learning tools to determine the correct quantity based on each painter’s past performance and working style. Halley Meter also provides automated management reports that assist the garage manager in making data-based management decisions.

How It Works?
For each job a painter is asked to mark all the parts that are being painted, on an image created by the smartphone’s camera. Halley Meter then calculates the designated area to be painted.

Based on the calculation, it provides a recommendation for the exact amounts of paint and varnish required for each job. The suggested amount is adjusted to each painter’s past performance and painting style, in order to optimize the paint quantity but avoid preparation of an insufficient amount.

HALLEY METER is based on the personal painting style of all painters and the previous performance of users according to personal data. In addition, the systems displays the data online anytime and anywhere and backs up the data automatically. Access to reports and charts is simple and available at any time from your smartphone or computer.

Halley Meter automatically sends updated reports according to a predesignated schedule defined by the Bodyshop manager. These reports can be transferred to Excel at the click of a button.

What does the Bodyshop manager get out of using Halley Meter?
First and foremost – savings! In the field of refinish most of the work is based on “approximately”.

Halley Meter shows the Bodyshop manager the amount of paint actually consumed, thus enabling to streamline the paint inventory management in the Bodyshop.

Beyond that, Halley Meter makes it possible to streamline work and monitor employee efficiency. Thus, we can see, for example, an employee who uses a higher amount of paint than he actually needed for work. This option, which never existed, allows the manager to improve employee efficiency by training, in a manner that will result in lower paint consumption and accurate pricing of the cost of labor and material.

Is there any special training required to work with Halley Meter?
“I’m not a tech person”, “How do I use this information”, “What do I have to do with apps” and many other sentences and questions that people usually say when they are afraid to take a step towards the future – technology.

That’s why we chose to use HALLEY METER via the smartphone, because who among us today does not have and use a smartphone during the day?!

The Halley Meter App is very easy, intuitive to use and does not require special training. All you have to do is input the work details, take a photo of the panels you want to paint and mark the area designated to be refinished with dots, that’s all! Within a few seconds the user will receive the data and a recommendation for exact amounts of paint and varnish.

Halley Meter saves effort and time and helps the painter to be optimize and reduce material waste.



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